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'Lucie Miller'

Released February 2011. 2 episodes.

Written and directed by: Nicholas Briggs

Roots: Lucie refers to the Monk's hoard as "Aladdin's Cave' and announces "Just call me Speedy Gonzales" The Robomen are referred to as "the walking dead" The Monk quotes Richard II, Act 2(i) ("This royal throne of kings, this sceptred isle") The D-day invasion. The 1983 series Brideshead Revisited (Sebastian Andrews is a mash-up of Anthony Andrews' character Sebastian Flyte).

Goofs: Can you detect an enemy's sonar? Apparently the human subs can.

When does Lucie narrate the story, given this leads immediately into To the Death?

Dialogue Disasters: "The legendary Lucie Miller - chav extraordinaire"

Continuity: Earth is suffering a plague, presumably delivered by the Daleks. The Iboreans (see: links) have left for orbit and Earth is quarantined, while a mine shaft is bored in North America for a propulsion unit by the Daleks.

The Monk is apparently working alongside the Daleks (his "friends" hinted at in The Resurrection of Mars), his base is in England and contains the statute of Diana from Ephesus, the Elgin marbles, Mona Lisa, Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, the Venus de Milo, the Star of India, and all the crown jewels of every dynasty on Earth. Tamsin is still in his company, but not entirely in his confidence.

The "sickness" kills in two to three days (Lucie has it for weeks - a side-effect of her travelling in the TARDIS?) Susan and Alex are immune, presumably through their Time Lord biological heritage, but Lucie loses an eye and the use of her legs (she has to use callipers). Lucie's grandfather used to watch old war documentaries. Her would-be lover here is Sebastian Andrews.

Susan is still in Earth Government and is not without influence. Her TARDIS key glows when another TARDIS is approaching - the glow becomes stronger the closer the TARDIS approaches.

Links: Death in Blackpool ("all that Aunty Pat stuff"), The Vengeance of Morbius, Orbis ("saving jellyfish in another galaxy") Relative Dimensions (Iboreans), Renaissance of the Daleks (the interociter, the Doctor makes reference to Nyssa), The Resurrection of Mars. Patient Zero (the Dalek Time Controller)

Q.v.: 'The TARDIS Key'

Location: Earth, 22nd century, months after the events of Relative Dimensions and decades following The Dalek Invasion of Earth. The story spans around two years, during which Lucie and Alex spend time in the Phi Phi Islands, Thailand.

The Bottom Line: "It's exactly the same as last time!"

Briggs gives another first-hand account of the Dalek Invasion of Earth in what could be the most economical of stories (you could almost call it a companion chronicle.) Like Deimos this is mostly set-up for a more devastating finale, but it's good to hear Jake McGann's Alex being given more to do, and doing much better with it.

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