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171 'Zagreus'

CD audio adventure released November 2003, 3 episodes

Writers: Alan Barnes and Gary Russell
Director: Gary Russell

Roots: Alice in Wonderland, Peter Rabbit, Jabberwocky (both the poem and the Monty Python movie), Schroedinger's cat experiment, Walt Disney, Wizard of Oz. Charley quotes Sartre ('Hell is other people.'), Communism fear ('Are you now or have you ever been a divergent?'), You Must Be Joking ('flying lesson' [but without Grasshopper!]), Travis' hit 'Why Does it Always Rain on Me', Queen's 'Who wants to live forever', Casablanca. Uncle Winky may be based on the creator of Peter Pan, J.M. Barrie. The 2000AD strip Robo Hunter.

Intertextuality: The BBC books (at least) are now placed into an alternative universe (the Doctor refers (incorrectly) to events in 'The Adventuress of Henrietta Street') [ironic as the current BBC Books thread has now collapsed all timelines other than the book timeline].

The Doctor refers to the asteroid KS-159, from the Benny books.

The Doctor has everlasting matches ('Doctor Who in an Exciting Adventure with the Daleks'.)

The sound bites of the Third Doctor are from fan video 'Devious'.

Braxiatel, as a Time Lord, is originally from the New Adventure 'Theatre of War'.

Fluffs: Charley's 'Doctor, I never thought I'd see you again.'

Goofs: Rassilon did not create Nemesis as a statue, nor name it Nemesis (that was Lady Peinforte).

By the time line presented in 'Neverland', Leela has been on Gallifrey for 500 or so spans (i.e. years), so how is she still alive? [Her life span has been lengthened due to her long-term exposure to the environments on Gallifrey. But we will revisit this notion once we have heard the Gallifrey mini-series.]

The mental image of the Sixth Doctor said he never got to visit Blackpool. Now, with the Lost Stories released, he has achieved that.

[Not a goof: the chessboard trap is not the one in 'The Five Doctors', but one created in the Matrix.]

Technobabble: The Brigadier's body is made of agitated protoplasm. Regeneration uses permanently carried self-replicating biogenic molecules.

Double Entendres: Sixth Doctor/Provost: 'And they call me an egoist.'

'Have you heard of the BBC? Marvellous people all of them.'

'Three Doctors? One at a time is enough.'

'He's probably just a bit excited.'

'I shall have the pleasure of abusing you.'

'Let's just do it.'

Dialogue Triumphs: The Friendship speech.

The Sixth Doctor: 'It was a better exit than I ever had - a bang on the head, I ask you!'

'Welcome to your insanity.'

'We never ever ever give up.'

Dialogue Disasters: 'Using his new found mastery of time, he keeps it a few seconds ahead of our time.'

Continuity: Anti-time energy can affect objects (in so much as the TARDIS is an object) as well as people, creating evil versions of them. The evil version of the TARDIS was personified by a hologram of the Brigadier. Its effects are lessened by zero matter (some of which is the heart of the TARDIS).

The Divergents were a race that would have evolved after the Time Lords. Rassilon didn't want them to wipe him out, so locked them away in a Morbius loop to be trapped until the end of time. In 1951 in Cardington, Doctor Stone and Reverend Townsend opened a doorway to the Divergents (the Dyonisus Project), but this merely killed them. At the end of time, approximately sixty billion years in the future, they did nearly get out. Uncle Winky's Wonderland was built over Rassilon's lab, but Uncle Winky (who died 18 December 2367, due to a heart condition) didn't open the door when he should have.

Rassilon ensured that the Divergents couldn't come into being by making sure only humanoid life forms survived. He sent biogenic molecules to sixty-nine thousand worlds to restructure the dominant life forms to resemble the humanoid form. The Vampire Lords fed on bred mindless slaves until Rassilon attacked them. In old Gallifrey there was a council of three of the Great Mother, Lord Tepesh and Areda. Rassilon's mind lives on in a separate part of the Matrix (created from his own neurons/brain matter) but was sent to the Divergents.

The TARDIS thinks that 'The Alice Compendium' is the most less factual book in its library ('the biggest load of piffle'). Inside the TARDIS is a room with horses(?). In the TARDIS library is Macefield, Dickens, Kipling, Shelley, J. M. Barrie, Fleming (not a first edition), 'A Brief History of Time', 'How to boil an egg'. It used the voice of the Third Doctor to talk to Zagreus. The middle of the TARDIS contains zero matter.

In Leela's tribe, a witch woman cries, so the enemy never sees the rest of the tribe cry.

Charley's mother is Lady Louisa Pollard, and she has sisters Margaret, Cecilia. Her Grandmother was called Saviltride and gave her a copy of Alice in Wonderland for Christmas in 1919. Miss Lime was the headmistress at her school. She had a pet rabbit called Mopsy (named from Beatrix Potter's book). Charley can tell when the TARDIS is in flight.

The Doctor/Zagreus prefers books to people. He has a mint sauce and onion gravy flavoured (his favourite) lollipop. The Doctor embraces the character of Zagreus to defeat Rassilon. He has seen the Terry Gilliam movie of Jabberwocky. The Doctor can no longer stay in the universe for fear of infecting it. The past Doctors live in some kind of limbo, and are aware of how they died. He hates people who write in books.

Known space/time eras include the Humanian Era, Pion Era, Morestran Era, Sumaron Era ('Doctor Who' movie)

Location: The TARDIS and Gallifrey (six months after 'Neverland').

Links: Vortisaurs ('Storm Warning'), 'The Brain of Morbius' (Time Lords are a composite of their memories; the sisterhood), 'The Ultimate Foe' ('As honest and dependable as they come.'), 'Neverland', 'Colditz', 'Time and the Rani', 'The Masque of Mandragora' (Boot cupboard), The TV movie ('nice boots', beryllium clock), 'Omega', 'State of Decay', 'The Deadly Assassin' (Shabogans, Transduction inducers), 'The Five Doctors' (Black scrolls, 'Splendid fellows, all of them.', the Dark Tower of Rassilon), 'The Two Doctors' (Rassilon Imprimature), 'Survival' ('If you fight like animals, you'll die like animals.'), 'Destiny of the Daleks' ('Arrow A is pointing to the front.'), 'Warriors of the Deep' ('There should have been another way'), 'Logopolis' (Back door to the TARDIS), 'Revelation of the Daleks' (speelsnapes). Mandrells, Hyponotrons, Drashigs, Daleks, Yeti, and Quarks. The Doctor mentions Bessie.

Untelevised Adventures: The Doctor has met Rasputin, He has been to the Phobos Penitentiary and Devil's Island, as well as the Red Fort [a nod perhaps to the unmade Season One Terry Nation India story?] The Doctor was once blamed for the shooting of JFK.

Bottom Line: 'It's not how I'd have done it.'

Oh dear. An eighteen-month wait - for this! An odd mix of Lewis Carroll dialogue and Time Lord ancient history and, rather cynically, Rassilon turns out to be just another corrupt Time Lord. One gets the impression the actors had more fun making it than we had in listening to it. A wasted opportunity.

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