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Despite our boldest claims reference works aren't created by individuals or committees but by their own audiences. Therefore, this is a shout out to those whose ideas we've come across and taken on board. Thanks to the following for bits and pieces we've found along the way, and to those others who've had to bear our constant theorising, you've not been forgotten.
You've... just not been included here yet.

Eric Briggs, Cameron Dixon and The Doctor Who Reference Guide, David Ronayne, Graham Howard, Paul Scoones, Andrew East, Mick Gair, Gerald Lea, Bridget Laws, Ria Kirtz, Nicholas Briggs, Steve-Day, Martin Wicks, Andrew J. Brook, Rob Shearman, F. Jason Rhoden, Gary Russell, Trey Korte, John Huxford, Steve Manfred, Alistair Hughes, James Hadwen, Allyn Gibson, SD Milne, Robert Mammone, John Prentice, Ethan Bunke, Anne Warfield, Cavan Scott, Jeremy Rayner, Chris Cwej, Clayton Hickman, Tom R., Josiah Rowe, James Precious, "anzavier", Jonathan Morris, Alan Barnes, Craig Hinton, Douglas Ethington, Jason Marsden, Corey Charette, Sarah Hadley, Stu Maddison, Terence Chua, David Darlington, Scott Lindsay, John Prentice, Sid, Robert Dick, the folk at Robert Smith?'s Doctor Who Ratings Guide, plus Zoltan Déry and Mike Vallas of The Doctor Who Audio Page.

Major kudos to our former team members Peter Adamson (up to Jubilee) and Jamas Enright (up to Living Legend).

And a big thanks to Paul Cornell, Martin Day and Keith Topping for starting the ball rolling and giving us their blessings. Cheers guys.

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