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Dalek Empire II: Dalek War Chapter Two

CD audio adventure released February 2003

Written and Directed by Nicholas Briggs

Roots: Morli appears to be channeling 'Sid Sexist' from Viz magazine.

Fluffs: 'The clue will lay down their weapons.'

Goofs: Why did the Daleks terraform Jupiter, when one of the moons would have been far more appropriate? (And if they have the power to terraform Jupiter, why are they having so many problems elsewhere?)

Why didn't the Daleks just use paralysis beam on everyone/Susan to begin with?

Double Entendres: 'Just give it to me.'

'I know why you want me.'

Dialogue Triumphs: 'Wanna feel me muscles?'

Morli and Alby: 'Hey, don't shoot us!' 'What, are there more of you?'

Continuity: Dalek ships can combined their ships with an energy web, linking their total mass output of their reactors, and explode in a way that hopefully destroys their enemies. They have a brain analysis disk that can read human brainwaves.

The AU-Daleks had set up a hospital space station in the Picowik system (and kept the Dalek Emperor there).

Dremakin gas is a nerve gas, and knocks humans unconscious.

Location: Earth System, deep space, Picowik system, Same time as Dalek War I.

Links: Dalek Empire, Dalek War I.

Bottom Line: 'Drop the weapon or the man you love will die.'

Pretty equal all-action and discussion on the nature of humanity (Nicholas Briggs seems to like these sorts of discussions). The Daleks also seem to be equal parts treacherous and equal parts inept stupidity. This episode introduces the great character Morli (played by Dannie Carr), but is otherwise very much a second episode of a larger story.

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