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The Bonnie Langford/Mel Bush Internet Fan Club

The BLMBIFC is for fans of Bonnie Langford - well-known British stage actress, star of song, dance, and pantomime - and her role as Melanie Bush, companion to the sixth and seventh Doctors.

The BLMBIFC has been in operation for a while now, it was started in 1997 after a few of us got together on the DALnet IRC channel #drwho and bemoaned the fact that Mel Bush has not got the great fan following that she so rightly deserves, so on a whim, we created our own IRC channel, #MelBabble and from there we set about organising the BLMBIFC.

The BLMBIFC page was originally maintained by Jason Fraser.


Bonnie-L is the mailing list of the BLMBIFC, the Bonnie Langford/Melanie Bush Internet Fan Club and is intended for discussing, well, all things Bonnie, really. It is hosted by Yahoo groups.

Click to subscribe to bonnie-l

The Welcome message explains a bit about the list and the commands which are avaliable.

Recently we began a round robin story which takes place soon after Dragonfire, featuring Mel, Chris Cwej and their band of pirates.

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