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Mel Bush: A Bit About Bonnie

Bonnie Langford, already a veteran of the stage and one of Britain's most well-known performers. As well as appearing in several movies, and any number of television shows, Bonnie has had a long and industrious career in theatre and pantomime.

Her first appearance was on Opportunity Knocks at the age of six and from there her career skyrocketed. One of her notable achievements is playing Rumpleteaser in the original performance of Cats! when she was only seventeen. She recently married, and she and her husband have set up a theatre company.

She has set up her own web site at which has information on her career and an album to order....


Bonnie's new album "Jazz at the Theatre" is available on the Internet. "...a collection of musical theatre songs that have been given a bit of a twist and a slight jazz feel."

"Jazz at the Theatre" is available for purchase on

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