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Paradise Towers

General Information

Also Known As: The One with Richard Briers

Story code: 7E
Episodes: 4
ISBN: 0-426-20330-5

Writer: Stephen Wyatt
Director: Nicholas Mallett
First screened: 05/10/1987 to 26/10/1987

Scream tally: 18


First off, we have the wonderful scenes with Mel gushing over the Paradise Towers brochure. One of my favourites.

Mel is determined to get to the pool. Initially this is mainly wanting to have a swim, but after she is separated from the Doctor, it becomes her imperative to get there in order to find him again. Her determination is therefore only in part to have a swim.

This story highlights some of the problems with having an inherently trusting nature. The Rezzies' outwardly innocent appearance combined with Mel's faith in the goodness of people means that she doesn't spot their true intentions until they tie her up and wave knives at her.

Pex, in an attempt to impress her, tells her that he is sent by unnamed powers to put Paradise Towers to rights. Mel appears sceptical but he swears he is telling the truth, so she places her trust in him. Unfortunately the Kangs reveal to her the truth: Pex was merely afraid to leave for the war. Betrayed, Mel leaves him to the Kang's taunting.

When Pex saves Mel from the Rezzies, she realises that he's not so bad after all. She pauses to collect the Rezzies' map of Paradise Towers and they proceed to the pool (With an unfortunate detour to the basement along the way)

Once again, Mel expects the pool to be safe and falls foul of the pool cleaner robot. She is forced to act for herself when Pex is stunned into inaction.

She encourages Pex to participate in the Doctor's plan and it is due to their travels through Paradise Towers that he finally discovers his bravery. Right before he blows up.


These are images taken from the BBC video release, all roughly 360x270.

[pt6.jpg] [pt8.jpg] [pt15.jpg] [pt17.jpg] [pt20.jpg] [pt21.jpg] [pt23.jpg] [pt26.jpg] [pt28.jpg]



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