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'Dark Eyes'

Released November 2012. 4 episodes.

Written and directed by: Nicholas Briggs

1. The Great War
2. Fugitives
3. The Tangled Web
4. X and the Daleks.

Roots: Nicholas Briggs cites memoirs of Great War nurses and volunteers in his creation of Molly. The Doctor sings It's a Long Way to Tipperary

Technobabble: A temporal chamber is needed to construct a relativity map (a Time Lord invention) and with this one can look upon any event in time and space. A space-time projector folds space and time

Fluffs: "What about Straxis and Shraxis?"

A Dalek seems to say Molly is "Full of retro-genital particles"

Goofs: So, this change of costume for the Doctor then...

How could the Doctor forget his respiratory bypass system during the gas attack?

'A transfusion can't kill you' says the assistant nurse [well, yes it could]

Doesn't the two year old Molly appear a little too like an infant on the cover of The Tangled Web?

Dialogue Triumphs: 'It's a war alright but there's nothing Great about it. The Worst War more like.'

'A war with the Daleks that wiped out the Time Lord? That is just about the most preposterous thing I've ever heard!'

'Kindness doesn't usually flourish in the persecuted.'

'You're working for the Daleks' 'Errr...with the Daleks' 'No one works with the Daleks".

"What will you do now - shoot yer future you?"

Dialogue Disasters: Let's hear it for Molly's overcooked repetitions of 'The Doctor', 'Dark Oiyes' and especially "Tardy-Box." To be fair, they're only irritating after the first half-dozen times each...

Double Entendres: Molly's letter to her mother: "I am very hot in my uniform, but dare not take it off for fear of the Matron's scorn"

"But what does it mean?" "As it happens, precisely nothing"

Continuity: The planet Shrangor has a molten core and due to Time Lord weapon testing in its environment actually inhibits the regenerative process, rendering it impossible. Shrangor is hot and used to have large cities before the Dalek occupation. The goats of Shrangor are called petulins.

The anti-grav waves of Alalka are held up by artificial gravity generators.

Straxus tracks the Doctor using his Vortex spoor. He has regenerated, but the Doctor still recognises him ("same supercilious expression") 'Kotris' is a family name

The Dalek Time Controller says he'll remember these events, but given that Kotris never existed, He shouldn't exist as he owes his life to Kotris's rescue. The last time the Doctor saw the Dalek Time Controller he was being blasted into the vortex but he was rescued by Kotris.

Voluntary Aid Detachment nurse assistant Molly O'Sullivan was born in 1891, the daughter of Patrick and Cathy O'Sullivan in a village outside Dublin. She had two brothers and three sisters each of whom did not survive past their fifth birthday; her other brothers Liam and Patrick also perished either during the Great War or during the Troubles. When she was two years old Molly went missing from home and was found by Kotris who (seemingly) began his interference in her genetic make-up. 'Dark Eyes', a nickname taken from her appearance (and caused by the presence of retrogenitor particles introduced there by Kotris), has been with her her whole life, to Molly's intense irritation.

The Gallifreyan Lord President is male. Travel to the end of recorded time is forbidden by the Time Lords.

The Doctor recalibrates the TARDIS in the Power Room. He abandoned some safety protocols in the Ship "centuries ago." Straxis tells the Doctor that the TARDIS "is Time Lord through and through" and obeys their instructions. Susan is still alive.

The Doctor is unwilling to return to Gallifrey. In the future the Doctor will buy 107 Baker Street, used in 1972 as a scientific research facility, for some reason that isn't revealed in this adventure [did X purchase the property?] It is not specifically mentioned when the Doctor changes his costume in this story (presumably after he is rescued from No Man's Land.) His updated sonic screwdriver lights up and resembles a penny whistle - after finding the device "seemed rather large to be carrying around if I was only going to be opening doors and setting off landmines"; he has adapted it for a variety of purposes.

Links: This story seemingly follows shortly after the events of To the Death - the Doctor mentions Susan and Lucie, implicitly refers to Alex (gee, thanks great-granddad!), and completely omits Tamsin. Human Resources, The Vengeance of Morbius, et al (Straxis) 'Time to get you to Gallifrey!' 'Is that in Ireland?' The Dalek Time Controller. The Time Monster (Time rams), Warriors Gate (time winds)

Location: The Great War and the Western front (before August 1916, the introduction of tanks)

The Bottom Line: 'Some unknown alien power with access to space/time travel has hatched an insane plan to destroy the universe' 'Is there a sane one?'

Did you hear the story about the grieving Doctor who was saved from his own misery by a mysterious young female companion with a timey-wimey secret? Nick Briggs once again rubs shoulders with the new television series in plot ideas, and while the idea of Molly is a sound one, it's the execution that suffers here. Perhaps the story isn't long enough to sustain four discs, but after the explosive finale of To The Death, Dark Eyes is something of a cheat. No mention of Alex, lip-service given to even Susan and Tamsin, this is probably not the follow-up many listeners thought it would be, and the introduction of more mystery elements into the mix (the nature of 'X', the Doctor's future home and Seventies science institute among them) just muddies things further. We don't even get a TARDIS wardrobe scene for the much-vaunted new look costume! Compared to the genuinely superior and contemporaneous UNIT: Dominion, this is just disappointing.

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