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Mel Bush: Downloads

This page is simply provided as a cleaner means of presenting the various pictures and sounds that are otherwise scattered across this site.


Terror of the Vervoids
totv1.jpg (23k)Teasing the Doctor about his ears.
totv3.jpg (23k)Watching the Doctor leave for cabin 6.
totv7.jpg (19k)In the lounge (spoilt by a shadow, but otherwise good.)
totv11.jpg (22k)Another head and shoulders shot.
totv16.jpg (19k)Close up of face while hearing Vervoid conversation.
totv18.jpg (20k)Smiling happily at something someone has said.
totv21.jpg (18k)Intrepidly exploring the air ducting.
mtotv2.jpg (10k)In cabin 16 (clearer) (provided by Marcus Durham.)
totvb.jpg (30k)Head and shoulders shot, looking outraged at accusations of murder.
The Ultimate Foe
tuf6.jpg (28k)Looking worried about the Doctor's fate.
tuf7.jpg (20k)In courtroom in front of guard.
tuf8.jpg (20k)Looking apprehensive as she enters the matrix.
tuf10.jpg (20k)In the factory in the Matrix.
tuf11.jpg (24k)Back in the courtroom.
factmel.jpg (70k)Publicity shot outside the fantasy factory (scanned from DWM)
Time and the Rani
tatr1.jpg (17k)Mel lies senseless on the TARDIS floor.
tatr2.jpg (16k)observing Sarn's demise.
tatr3.jpg (17k)persuading Ikona.
tatr8.jpg (12k)hiding in the tunnel.
tatr15.jpg (14k)looking worried in the lab.
tatr17.jpg (16k)close up after the Tetraps capture her.
tatr23.jpg (18k)pondering the bracelets in the leisure centre.
tatr26.jpg (19k)Saying goodbye to Ikona.
tatr27.jpg (12k)Screaming in a bubble...
Paradise Towers
pt6.jpg (11k)Enjoying a biscuit.
pt8.jpj (12k)Just after Pex bursts in.
pt15.jpg (12k)"You really aren't joking, are you?"
pt17.jpg (19k)Close up of an apprehensive look.
pt20.jpg (10k)Close up with a big grin.
pt21.jpg (19k)Another smiling close up.
pt23.jpg (10k)Mel looking a bit damp.
pt26.jpg (11k)Accepting Pex's gun. (Um, maybe I should rephrase that.)
pt28.jpg (10k)Grinning as Pex leaps into action.
dr1.jpg (13k)Mel smiles at Stella.
dr2.jpg (15k)In the cafe.
dr6.jpg (17k)looking sympathetic.
dr11.jpg (14k)Sitting in the caverns.
dr12.jpg (13k)Pondering over giving the Dragonfire to Kane.
dr13.jpg (14k)In the TARDIS.
dr14.jpg (12k)Saying last goodbyes.
Dimensions in Time
dit_bl1.jpg (15k)Mel talking to someone.
dit_bl2.jpg (32k)Mel and the third Doctor.
dit_bl3.jpg (10k)Mel looking at some material.
melcard1.jpg (48k)The Melanie Bush card, from the Collectable Card Game.
hug.jpg (43k)Lovely shot of Bonnie and Sylv hugging.
ctmel.jpg (60k)Rather nice B&W shot
pease1.jpg (22k)The entrance to Pease Pottage.
pease2.jpg (70k)The middle of Pease Pottage.
asahi1.jpg (52k)An advert Bonnie did for Asahi...
asahi2.jpg (41k)Tasty, Refined, Groovy.


Terror of the Vervoids
neddy.wav (150k)"Listen, when I start to call you neddy, then you can worry. Drink up."
blessing.wav (47k)"Count your blessings."
The Ultimate Foe
voice.wav (66k)"What's more, there's nothing wrong with my voice."
boring.wav (99k)"I'm as truthful, honest, and about as boring as they come."
modem.wav (54k)"A megabyte modem!"
broad.wav (86k)"I wouldn't broadcast that if I were you."
carrot.wav (149k)"Right, a bracing glass of carrot juice" "Carrot Juice?!" "And then we'll get you back on the exerciser."
Time and the Rani
risk.wav (41k)"No matter what the risk."
hadenuf.wav (52k)"I've had enough of this DRIVEL!"
raving.wav (38k)"You're a raving loony!"
daftidea.wav (38k)"Oh, that's a daft idea."
imposs.wav (33k)"You're impossible!"
Paradise Towers
wonder.wav (35k)"Oh, it's wonderful
regret.wav (48k)"I may regret this."
joking.wav (44k)"You are joking, aren't you?"
nodoctor.wav (63k)"No, Doctor." "Well, you never can tell."
cover.wav (44k)"Right! Cover your ears!"
spirit.wav (36k)"That's the spirit, Doctor!"
finger.wav (49k)"I'm not going to lift a finger to help you."
going.wav (29k)(quietly) "I'm going now."
crazy.wav (104k)"Who said anything about home? I've got much more crazy things to do yet."

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