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Fan Fiction

These works of fiction are unofficial stuff. It's the tireless masses of fans which keep Doctor Who alive; without them, there'd be no Doctor Who.
Well, maybe the BBC helps a little bit.

Alphabetical listing

Chicken Soup by Alden Bates (1997)
A particularly cute and fluffy piece where the Doctor falls ill and Mel has to look after him.
Cold As Ice by Sean Patrick Crossey (2003)
Melanie and Hudson go in search of Glitz and find more than they bargained for.
Crystal Clear by Tanina Varagona (1998)
The Doctor re-evaluates his relationship with Mel.
I like Melanie by Erin Tumilty (1998)
A filk to the tune of "I Like Traffic Lights".
Music for a Broken Gymnasium by Alan Taylor (1998)
(drabble) During Head Games, Mel finds the gym.
There's No Place Like Home by Alden Bates (1996)
A month after leaving the Doctor in Head Games, Mel and Ace return to Pease Pottage where they get a rather large surprise.
The Third Encounter by John Seavey (1996)
Mel and Ace are drawn into the Black Guardian's attempt to kill the eighth Doctor. (Follows from Head Games) Warning: you may find some events in this story disturbing. Poor Mel.
A Time of Healing by Tanina Varagona (1998)
A sequel to The Third Encounter. Aliens run amok in Pease Pottage.
What The Headlines Said by Tanina Varagona (1997)
A sequel of sorts to Head Games. The Doctor sees something horrible on the news....

BONNIE-L Adventure #1

Assorted authors (1997, 1998, 1999)
by members of the BONNIE-L list: Mel, having booted Glitz off the Nosfertu, joins up with Chris Cwej and gains a crew and goes pirating. Things don't go as planned though...


Dominion by Peter Adamson and Alden Bates (1998)
(Comic Strip) the Sixth Doctor and Mel visit the world of the Dominators.

While you're about, check out Carson Maynard's page of role-play transcripts, a couple of which feature Mel.

Ron Mallett's site features some sixth Doctor and Mel fanfiction.

A Teaspoon and an Open Mind contains much fan-fiction with Mel in!

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