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These are a number of articles and some information which don't fit on the top level of this site. They are the other bits.


A Megabyte Modem - Pip and Jane's scripting causes many a headache, it's why we love 'em.

Mel is not a Smurf! - She's not small and blue and she doesn't wear a hat, but at least she sings.

The Church of Bonnie - After all, why not? If there's anyone worth it, it's Bonnie Langford ;-)

But Seriously...

Pease Pottage - Somewhere in Sussex, there's a village from whence Mel came. It's called Pease Pottage.

Marvel Comics - Bonnie and Mel in DWM and Marvel's other products.

Charity Fanzines - Appearances of Mel in charity anthology fanzines

Confessions of a Melaphile - Just something I wrote to scare the other fanboys, but it didn't work.

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