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  • Music Index - My music collection in a database - handy!
  • Mike Oldfield - British musician of some talent, handy with a guitar and tubular bells.
  • Björk - Quirky chick from Iceland.
  • Enigma - Enigmatic artist, heavy on the ambience.
  • Daft Punk - House and dance ambiguously-mechanical duo.
  • Moby - Out-spoken electronica artist.
  • Dead Can Dance - Exotic intruments and primal beats.
  • Delerium - Morphing German duo who work with anyone and everyone.
  • Enya - Mistress of the overdubbed vocal track.
  • Everyone Else - A plethora of good musicians.
  • Links - Links to related musical sites.
  • Listings: by Artist - by Title - by Year - by Rating


  • Software Index - Miscellaneous software for Windows.
  • Yikes 2 - Text editor of choice for Tetrapyriarbus.

Doctor Who

  • Doctor Who Index - Best science fiction show about a police box.
  • Pip & Jane - Baker, occasional writers of Doctor Who.
  • Downloads - Doctor Who icons and one image manip.
  • Fanfiction - Doctor Who stories I wrote.
  • Links - Favourite links to other Doctor Who sites.

New Zealand Doctor Who Fan Club

Web Guide to Doctor Who

The DiscContinuity Guide

Mel Bush

  • Mel Bush Index - The best Doctor Who companion.
  • BLMBIFC - The Bonnie Langford/Mel Bush Internet Fan Club.
  • Bonnie - Langford, the actress who played Mel.
  • Links - Links to other Mel/Bonnie and related sites.
  • Biography - Mel's biography as revealed through the TV series, books and audios.
  • Stories - The TV stories, books and audios which Mel appeared in.
  • Character Study - More on Melanie's character.
  • Fanfiction - Stories about and/or involving Mel.
  • Downloads - Pictures and sounds.
  • Miscellaneous - Humorous and non-humorous articles relating to Mel.

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